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Raanan bore the pain stoically.

I hurt my elbow.

Matthias gave me some stamps.

Betsy is an accountant.

Why is anyone here?

Should he be given another chance, he would do his best.

My late friend's daughter said, "I will pray for my father's soul."

Are you talking about him?

"Would you please call me a taxi?" "OK, you're a taxi."

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He cannot have done such a silly thing.

I thought you knew me.

We exhausted our funds.

You look much better.

That responsibility is a burden to him.

I don't know where to turn to.

It's obvious Shirley can't do it without some help.


Ramanan was ashamed of you.

The pen I lost yesterday was a new one.

Gregg is taking care of it for us.

Lonely people tend to be afraid of meeting others, which ensures they will always be lonely.

Moran and I go to school together.

It is a toss-up whether the playboy will marry the blonde or the brunette; both girls are so beautiful.

You had better get this letter registered for fear it should be lost.

They got onto the plane.

He read the book from cover to cover.


He jumped to get a ball.

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Leith is a shy boy.


That was the last time I saw her.

He will be back by Monday at the latest.

That's a no-brainer.


His eyes got stuck on the canvas on the wall.

I couldn't pass the exam.

Don't look directly at Patrick.


The walls have ears.

That's a big job.

We remained very much in love.

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There's a wildlife preserve on the river in town, if you're watching ducks that would be a good place.


However if you can speak Chinese, Korean, etc. you're able to share your way of thinking with many more people.

Ceremony is not needed for prayer, trust is.

Do you mean to see Stanislaw before you go?

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I'd better call you back.

It isn't always easy to know a good book from a bad one.

The ring is loose.


Is this environmentally safe?


He voted for the proposal.


He took a slide down the hill on his sled.


Nicolas is familiar with the subject.

We can help you find them.

The heart and mystery of his philosophy was, to look upon the world as a gigantic practical joke; as something too absurd to be considered seriously, by any rational man.

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They say most airplane accidents occur at landing or takeoff stages.

Good food and enough sleep are absolutely necessary to good health.

My mother used to read stories to me when I was a young child.

My family is wealthy.

Triantaphyllos doesn't seem to have heard Meehan.


Give me a second.

Additive synthesis involves manually controlling harmonics, and uses only sine waves.

You've still got all your life in front of you.


Go to your room and stay there until your father comes home.

I want to know how many times you've been to Boston.

My father has decided to quit smoking.

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Don't let yourself be cheated!

Could you wrap this separately, please?

He has not come home yet, has he?

Hold your head high.

Rik twisted his ankle while hiking.


What did Kiki tell you about the accident?


Why do I have to help them?


You raised me, didn't you?

Won't you reconsider?

I didn't get anything for them.

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She was cleaning the house in preparation for a party.

I think we should do something.

I just heard an alarm go off.

Are you sure we can trust Charles?

The girl asked her father to read the book to her.

We were in the neighborhood and thought we'd drop by.

Dinosaurs are animals that disappeared long ago.

As a team, we are disappointed. We should have won the game.

You are such an idiot!

The queen took umbrage at remarks made in the press about her insensitivity to the death of the princess.

The company took action against its former accountant.


It might not be that easy.


For some reason or another - probably because she got angry - she started hitting me.

I really want to help Marshall.

I should probably go.


Mario bent over to pick up a coin that was on the floor.


Don't get off the train till it stops.


Tobias often wears blue jeans and a blue shirt.

The tyres are very sticky.

I have more than one hiding place.

Don't go yet.

As a child, I couldn't eat fish.


I know he's laughing up his sleeve.

What is your impression of the United States?

You're in trouble now.

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I am blind in the right eye.

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Mitch put the folder on the table.


Seen from the moon, the earth looks like a ball.


Do you need more time?

We have a lot of problems to deal with.

Our summer is short, but warm.


It's time for the truth.

This pair of lovers were carrying on an ardent correspondence.

This can't be right.

What do you really want from us?

This makes me think of you.

There is no telling when the rainy season will be over.

He held off the attackers long enough for reinforcements to arrive.

Even tough it's such a big garden, it would be wasted if we let it get overrun with weeds.

All sorrows should be tolerable, even if they are great.


She's wondering where the key is.

I've already had my supper.

It is very cold this morning.

I'm holding you personally responsible for getting us in trouble with the police.

If you don't go skiing, I won't, either.

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When the Russians give back Donetsk to the Ukrainians, there won't be a single building left standing.


Sally must be rich.

I explained the rules of the game to them.

I help them almost every day.

Are you still hunting for buried treasure?

Teriann was about to get into his car when he was shot.

They did not notice minute differences.

I'll save you the trouble.


I can explain this.

Once in a while, he leaves his umbrella on the train.

I want to see him.

Old people deserve respect.

You were Neil's only friend.

Sid plays with toys that are more sophisticated than what Knapper plays with.

You're fabulous.

Your wristwatch is on the table.

This is going to be epic!


Yerevan is the capital of Armenia.


I've already seen Sanford about that matter.

I had a grand opening for the hospital last month.

Kelvin looked away from Nora.

Vickie doesn't like to hang out with people who smoke.

He should resign from his post, since it's too much responsibility for him.

Will you send up a bucket of ice?

He loved looking at grey sky with the sun peeking through the thick clouds.

His cottage is neat and comfortable; moreover, it can accommodate as many as ten people.

Rob is impossible to satisfy.


No matter what happens, you should never give up hope.

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I took the liberty of using the dictionary while you were out of the room.

Florence is the most beautiful city in Italy.

Show me something else.

You have to make good the promise for your mother.

I've lost my religious faith.

Will you have to tell him?

The opposite is true.

You should have said you could see it.

She's a cold-hearted bitch.

Did you tell Cathryn what I told you?

I have to think of the future.

He is a waiter and an actor.

Sometimes those photos are not very good.

My father loved me no less deeply than my mother.

Srivatsan's as rough as guts, but she's got a very kind heart.